San Francisco, California – June 30, 2021 – Appeon, a provider of software for accelerating the development of data-rich business apps, today announced the general availability of PowerBuilder 2019 R3 Japanese. This installment brings Japanese customers various groundbreaking new features in modernizing PowerBuilder application UI, functionality, and architecture. You can modernize your app’s UI in a codeless fashion, securely automate the installation and update of client apps using PowerClient, and create C# REST APIs & .NET assembly with DataWindow technology. Aside from many other valuable new features, PowerBuilder 2019 R3 is a long-term support (LTS) version that replaces previous LTS versions.  

Highlights in PowerBuilder 2019 R3 Japanese

Automated Deployment

  • PowerClient – PowerClient securely automates the installation and update of client apps over HTTPS, and supports both client/server and cloud project types. The client files are encrypted, digitally signed, and verified for integrity before executing. It eliminates the headaches and costs associated with creating installation programs, deploying apps to users, and keeping apps updated.

UI & UX Modernization

  • UI Themes – Skin the UI of PowerBuilder applications, instantly bringing a modern look and feel in a codeless fashion. The UI Themes provides modern rendering of visual objects simply by selecting a prebuilt theme or supplying your own theme. This feature has been enhanced to allow granular control, defining different styles for a specific instance of a visual object.
  • Apache ECharts – Apache ECharts now integrates seamlessly with PowerBuilder and DataWindow technology. A demo app is provided to demonstrate how to easily enrich PowerBuilder with modern interactive charts. Visualize your data with new graph styles, such as gauges, heatmap, candlestick, scatter, and funnel. Then quickly drill-down, segment, and filter the chart data.
  • Web Browser Control – A Chromium-based Web browser control is provided, which offers HTML5 compatibility, support for the HTTP/2 protocol, and much stronger security. Besides being able to securely display Web content, the new browser can easily integrate JavaScript with PowerScript, both synchronously and asynchronously. Developers now can enrich their apps with new visual possibilities and JavaScript functionality.
  • TX Text Control – The TX Text Control RichTextEdit is integrated back into PowerBuilder with 64-bit support. When compiling to 64-bit, RichText will use the 64-bit TX Text control, which is more powerful and up-to-date compared to the control used in PowerBuilder 2017 R3 Japanese release.
  • RibbonBar Control – Provides application users with a modern and widely-accepted navigation mechanism. You can easily build your ribbon control with the RibbonBar Builder and manipulate it programmatically in PowerScript.
  • Microsoft UI Automation – PowerBuilder now supports the Microsoft UI Automation framework, making your apps more accessible and opening up the possibility to automate processes. Simply configure the accessible properties to benefit from automated testing tools, RPA tools, and compliance with accessibility regulations.
  • REST Web API Client – A powerful client is provided for consuming REST Web APIs. The client supports JSON data format (including GZip compressed data), JWT or OAuth2.0 tokens, and all commonly-used HTTP methods for full CRUD functionality. It also supports tight integration with DataWindow and DataStore, automatically importing and exporting data and handling data buffers.

IDE Enhancements

  • Multiple Runtime Versions Compilation – The PowerBuilder IDE now supports switching the runtime version used for running, debugging, and compiling your application. You can switch both backwards and forwards between major versions, revisions, and maintenance releases. It enables developers to get enhancements to the IDE without affecting runtime, maintain multiple projects with various runtime versions, and easily revert back runtime versions.
  • Git Enhancements – Git integration has been greatly enhanced, allowing you to perform complex Git operations from within the PowerBuilder IDE. Easily create & switch branches, merge conflicts, and review detailed error logs, greatly improving your productivity of using Git with your PowerScript projects.

Database Enhancements

  • PowerScript Projects – Provides support for the new Microsoft OLE DB Driver (MSOLEDBSQL), which supports SQL Server 2012 - 2019 and replaces the native client (SQLNCLI) that has been deprecated by Microsoft.
  • C# Projects – supports all leading relational databases and greatly expands database compatibility, supporting Amazon Aurora and Azure cloud-specific database types, SAP HANA, and Sybase ASE.

C# REST API Development

PowerBuilder 2019 R3 Japanese provides a set of tools to automate the creation of C# REST APIs, and a code converter to further automate the conversion of 80-95% of existing PowerBuilder business logic to C# REST APIs.

  • SnapDevelop – an IDE for rapidly developing C# REST APIs and libraries. It is designed to be a lightweight Visual Studio alternative, which is easy to use, highly productive, and provides what you need out of the box.
  • .NET DataStore – a pure C# implementation of the non-visual DataWindow and other commonly-used PowerBuilder features. It enables you to leverage the existing DataWindow objects and PowerBuilder skills to share your logic with any UI technology.
  • PowerScript Migrator – a C# code converter that automatically migrates 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic (non-visual PowerScript and embedded SQL).

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How Do I Get Started?
PowerBuilder 2019 R3 Japanese version is now generally available for evaluation, upgrade, or new purchase. Free trial versions of the product are fully functional for a period of 30 days, and a free self-guided training course is available for developers new to PowerBuilder. Customers who have already purchased PowerBuilder 2017 R3 Japanese version can download the paid version from the Appeon Website. New customers can purchase PowerBuilder 2019 R3 Japanese version directly from Appeon or from Appeon local partner Nippon Computer Systems (NCS).

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