Appeon today announces that Maintenance Releases (“MR”) #1917 for Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 R3 and InfoMaker 2017 R3 Japanese version are available to download.  This MR includes the latest support to both Oracle 18c and 19c and other important bug fixes.  You can check the complete bug fixes list here.  

Install the Maintenance Release

  • If you’ve already installed the PowerBuilder 2017 R3 or InfoMaker 2017 R3 General Availability (“GA”) Japanese version, then you directly install the MR #1917 from the User Center.
  • If you haven’t yet installed PowerBuilder 2017 R3 or InfoMaker 2017 R3 Japanese version, you should first download the GA version and then apply MR #1917 from the User Center.

Update your App

If your app is still on PowerBuilder 2017/2017 R2 or InfoMaker 2017/2017 R2 Japanese version, you need to upgrade to PowerBuilder or InfoMaker 2017 R3 Japanese version MR #1917 and then rebuild your app.