The Web API has no problem running locally, however, after deploying your PowerServer project and Web API to IIS, when you try to run your project, it fails and you get the following error.





After you deploy the Web API to IIS and set an Application Pool for it, IIS automatically creates a new IIS user for you named after the Application Pool name. Due to different company policies, this new IIS user may not have access to the Appeon License Server at,,,,, and


1. Grant sufficient permissions to this IIS user.

Make sure the IIS Application Pool Identity specified user has permission to access,,,,, and

2. Change the Application Pool Identity of your Web API to another built-in account that has high privileges. You can change the identity by going to IIS > Application Pool > Advanced Settings > Process Model > Identity.

For information about each built-in account, you can refer to:

Change Application Pool Identity Built-in Account

3. Use a custom account that has Internet access to,,,,, and for Appeon Pool Identity for your Web API.

Application Pool Identity Custom Account

For more details about how to configure IIS Application Pool Identity, refer to:

4. Work with your IT to find out if there are other restrictions or settings on user permissions that you need to work on to make sure you can access,,,,, and