In order to achieve CI-CD framework, you may want to use CLI command to automatically build and deploy your application to PowerServer without a UI or user interaction.



%PowerServer Toolkit%\EonADeploy60.exe %application profile name% %application server type%

%PowerServer Toolkit%: The absolute path of the PowerServer Toolkit.

%application profile name%: Profile name configured in the PowerServer Toolkit (as shown below)

%application server type%: True if you are deploying to a Java server; False to a .NET server

Sample Code:

 Run command below in CMD to deploy the sales demo to a .NET server:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Appeon\PowerServer 2017 R2\Toolkit\EonADeploy60.exe sales false"


1. It only accepts the two parameters above: application profile name and application server type, and it will always do a full deployment and use the default deploy profile.

2. The EonADeploy60.exe helps you to deploy web/mobile applications to PowerServer with CIL commands, but you have to run the commands on the machine with the PB & Toolkit installed. You cannot use it separately.