If you open a PowerServer (2020 or earlier) IWA application on the new version of Chrome/Edge (version 104 and above), IWA application will start twice. 


PowerServer 2020 or earlier


This is caused by some internal changes of Chrome/Edge. Referring to the screenshot below. There’s an additional OPTIONS request in the browser.

We have fixed the issue and this fix will be included in the next PowerServer 2020 MR.



Before we released the new version that contains this bug fix, please follow the steps below to use the attached IWA runner to solve the issue. 

1. On the PowerServer machine

    For .Net server:

Use the new EXE to replace the one under the below directory on the Web Server machine.


    For Java server:

You can use a tool like 7-Zip to replace the file in appeonserver.ear\appeon.war\weblibrary_ax\crossbrowser. Please refer to the link below for more details:

For example, in JBoss, please follow the steps below to update the file in appeonserver.ear.

a. Backup %JBOSS%\standalone\deployments\appeonserver.ear.

b. Open appeonserver.ear in 7-Zip. 

c. Go to appeonserver.ear\appeon.war\weblibrary_ax\crossbrowser. 

d. Drag the attached new AppeonIWARunner.exe to 7-Zip to replace the original one.

e. Save it.

2. On the client machine which has IWA installed

Use either of the steps below:

  • Uninstall the Appeon IWA runner from the Control Panel and clear the browser cache, and then run the application to download and install the updated appeoniwarunner.exe file.
  • Copy appeoniwarunner.exe to the client machine, then install it directly.

3. On the client machine which does not have IWA installed

The new EXE will be downloaded automatically when you access the application via a browser since you have updated the one on the web server.